Hi there!

Having been involved with several computer-related shows, I was finally asked, "Do you have a web site?" The answer was NO.

So I went out and got a domain name, but nothing exciting happened in my life. On asking the experts why, I was told that I had to put something ON the site, hopefully a home page with some sort of content.

Novel idea, I thought. So here it is.

This is not some "hi-tech" site with fancy bells and whistles. I'm a broadcaster not a web design expert.

Items to the left:
Studio B is my home studio I use to feed live shows to the internet and/or terrestrial stations.
Listeners Items are short snippets sent to me over the years
The Softones is a popular Western Canadian acordian group that never had a web site. I set up this as an interim solution, but now I'm helping them with their own site at TheSoftones.com
The other items on the left are self-explanatory, well mostly.


Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Lunch?...................