LG73 features a wide variety of Canada's best music from multiple genres in a unique, smooth-flowing mix. Discover Canada's finest talent, on Canada's Music Station, LG73
Click the logo on the left for the 128k stereo stream.
My site is hosted by Netcastor Corporation in Toronto. Their core business is web design. As value-added services, Netcastor also supplies email service, fast Internet and dial-up access, graphic design, network and hardware support. Click the link, then chat with Eva Miodonski.for your web design solutions.
Brian Smith of The Ontario DX Association has developed a "friends of AM740" site that is very well done. Comments, photos, discussions and program information is all here. Follow the links to the AM740 Yahoo discussion board. Or use this link to get there immediately.
Robust and completely configurable software for radio stations, DJs or home use. Create playlists, rules, display time to vocal, auto generate playlists in advance. Jason Cox and his crew are constantly updating this software. A very stable program due to Jason's attention to detail, plus it runs in the MAC OSX environment. A winning combination.
A world unto itself. Nestled at the foot of Brimley Road in Scarborough, this is a great place to visit, even if you're not a boater. Good food, great people, and a wonderful, relaxed landscape for a quiet stroll. Say hi to manager George Rutley when you're there.
Leah Allan-Christensen has come up with a cookbook containing entirely Danish recipes. There are 2 versions, printed, or downloadable. With over 300 recipes, this is no small undertaking. More information is on-line. Just click the link to learn more. As for the title "Tak For Mad", that's explained in the book.
Need a professional DJ for your next event? My good friend Don Biefer has over 35 years of experience. A great man to work with. He gets 2 thumbs up for super service and personal attention to your needs.
The Toronto Humane Society's Amy White was a regular on-air guest of mine in the past. Considering a pet? This is the place to start. You'll be assured of a healthy animal, and a happy owner. (Unless you get a cat, then the cat will own you.)