Got a bright idea to send to Don? Want to say "Hi"? Got a cute sketch you want to share? It's easy! Just use your screen as your palette, and you're away at the races! 

Jot down your thoughts, scribblings, doodles in the Scribble space on the right – all you need is a felt-tip pen – then click on the "Scribble Sender" button.  Your composition will be instantly transported to Don's computer  screen.  E-mail has never been this quick 'n' easy!

Note: If the Scribble Sender doesn't work, your computer may not have the correct driver. Please find a cloth, clean off the screen, and go somewhere else on this web site.

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How to use this Scribbler space:
All you need is a felt pen. Uncap it, then scribble away to your heart's content

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for damaged computer screens.

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